Commercial Savings/Investment Options

Statement Savings Account

One of the safest, smartest deposit options available – you have maximum flexibility, earn interest and retain immediate access to your money. An excellent way to provide overdraft protection on a checking account. FDIC insured.

Investment Sweep Account

Especially designed for businesses that wish to achieve higher earnings from excess checking account balances while maintaining the ability to utilize their checking account for deposits and checkwriting. Balances in excess of a pre-determined target balance are automatically “swept” overnight from your Regular Commercial Checking Account into the Investment Sweep Account. Individual accounts must be subject to analysis.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

This investment account gives you the right combination of safety and flexibility while investing money. The current interest rate is guaranteed for the entire term of the CD. You determine the amount to invest and the length of the term. Be sure to ask about our interest-allocation options. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

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